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Entry 2019.04.21 14:12

Ahn In-deuk (42), the victim of a fire and murder incident at Jinju apartment, was diagnosed with schizophrenia (Cho Hyun-sick) for 68 years from 2011. One winner also said: "I helped my friends who were bullied during my school days and I helped the elderly find out after I lost my job. "

The Gyeongnam Jinju Police Department announced on January 21 that An In-yin confirmed the records of 68 cases treated by Cho Hyun Disease in a psychiatric hospital in Jinju City from January 2011 to July 2016. However , An In-jin did not go to the hospital after that, and records of treatment at other hospitals are not yet known. According to police, An In-In was estimated not to receive treatment for 2 years and 9 months until the recent crime.

Ahn In-dee (42), a suspect in the fire and murder case at the Jinju apartment complex in Gyeongsangnam province on March 19, is leaving the Jinju Police Station to receive treatment for his hand injured during the crime . / News Yonhap

An In-jin was found guilty of injuring him with a gun in 2010 because the passerby was staring at him ill. At that time, a diagnosis was made for a month at the Gongju Therapy Clinic in Chungnam Province, resulting in a diagnosis of "schizophrenia," and a prison sentence was sentenced.

For the next five years, An In-eun was hospitalized and suffered from mental illness, but she did not go to the hospital for unknown reasons. One police officer said: "I can not be sure, but I do not think I've been treated since 2016.

On the 19th, a friend of the late Gao Kim (12) and his teacher were together with the teacher at the joint altar of the fire and murder case of the victims of the Jinju apartment. / News Yonhap

In addition, police investigated several incidents following the application of the Profiler. As a result, Ahn In-eul requested an industrial accident treatment after suffering a back injury while working in a factory in Gimhae, Gyeongsang province, about 10 years ago .

It is believed that an In-win has argued that the police "fight for friends who have been bullied during school days, hang out with weak friends," and "give snacks to the elderly who have lost their jobs after unemployment."

However, a police officer said: "It was not only confirmed as a declaration of innocence," he said. "It is generally assumed that he has committed a crime with rancor and increasing hostility towards people who are not on his side."

Police are focusing on identifying the motive behind the crime, continuing the digital expertise on the Ahn Ingyun mobile phone and the computer. He also confirmed that An In-eul bought two of the guns used for the crime in a traditional market in Jinju in the middle of last month. Police are planning to send the case to the prosecution next week after police investigate the motive for the crime through further investigations.

According to police, An In-win is accused of stealing his home on the 4th floor of the apartment building in Gajoo-dong, Jinju City, at about 4:25 am on March 17th. Five innocent women and five elderly were killed, including sixth grade students. Six people were stabbed to death by a gun, and nine were injured in the fire and received hospital treatment.


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