40m crazy dribble & # 39; from the half-line to the front of the goal team yesterday (20)


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[인사이트] Kim Hansol's reporter = Gangmin of Light & # 39; Sohn Heungmin once again presented a crazy race & # 39; patented Especially in this race, fantastic dribbles have been added to make football fans excited.

Manchester United striker Eduard Hardy played a 34-game match between Tottenham and Manchester City in the 2018-19 English Premier League (EPL) round.

Sohn Heung-min first played as a striker in the first row after the second leg of the Champions League.

The highlights of the match began at the foot of Son Heung Min in 43 minutes.

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Sohn had a chance to take the lead after a good cross coming in from the right, dribbling the ball past the keeper and putting the ball in the net.

The defenders of Manchester City were directly behind Son Heung-min, but he did not gain his speed and gave him a chance to attack.

Sohn Heung-min, who defeated five opponents in the defense, shot as he was, but was caught in the hands of the golfer. Although he failed to score, it is a point of praise that he shows his talent as he is.

Netizens who watched the game actually commented: "I thought it was a real goal", "I did not have a goal, but it's great to be attracted to me."

Youtube & # 39; FOOTBALL ART & # 39;

Tottenham had no chance in the second half and ended up losing 1-0.

Manchester United scored 28 points, 2 losses and 4 losses, scoring 87 points and clinching first place in the Premier League.

Tottenham had 22 wins, 1 draw and 11 defeats, and finished third with 64 points. This is a score that is only two points behind Arsenal in fourth place.

Tottenham and Arsenal are expected to compete with the UEFA Champions League next season.


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