& # 39; Thoracic Surgery & # 39; Eun Ji-joon X Correct X Suh Jae Hye,


Eun Ji-joon accused the Information Seok of evil.

SBS Thoracic Surgery: The Doctors Who Stole the Heart on the night of the 15th (Suwon Choi, Suh Jin Choi, Changhwan Choi / Director Cho Young-kwang) 31-32 After returning to Taesan safely.

Park Tae-soo told Son Jae-myung (Son Gwang-yup) that his plan was "The best teacher also knew" and "I know you put me in surgery.If you do not, someone else will. " .

He said to Choi Seok-han, "Professor Choi knew it too. So Choi Seok-han replied," It's okay for me to do this. "

On the other hand, the heart transplant operation of Lee Yoon Su (Shin Lin Ahn) was successfully completed. At that time, Choi Seok-han told reporters that the operation of the candidate Han Min-sik (minjung dong) was successfully completed. "For more information, I will tell a news conference tomorrow, after the candidate Han Min-sik agrees."

Park Tae-soo told Choi Se-han, who had finished the briefing, "You did not give up? I knew you did not stop us." Choi said, "I'm not done yet." After that, Choi Seok-have visited Yoon Hyun-il. And he said to Yoon Hyun-yil: "Come to the heart," he said, "I will finish with my hand."

The next day, Yoon Hyun II delivered a list from Taesan Hospital to Choi Seok-han, saying, "I could not find a brain-dead person." Yoon Hyun-il left and Choi Se-han took out a tape recorder he put in his pocket. It was also installed by Choi Seok-han.

Choi Seokhang checked the entire contents of the voice file and set out to prepare for the press conference. But Yoon Hyun-il also knew Choi's number. He said, "You're the best, you have to take care of yourself." He called Choi Seok-han in his office.

Yoon Hyun-il, who entered the press conference, told reporters, "I was all deceived by my best doctor." At that time, Yoon Hyun-il's voice began to flow throughout the hospital's broadcast. This was the voice of the evil deeds of Yun Hyun Il. At the end of the voice, Choi Seok-han also confessed, "I tolerated the cardiac waiting sequence."

Choi Seok-han instructed Yoon Su-yeon (Seo Ji-hyeon) to deliver the file in advance and expose in case of emergency. Yoon Soo-yeon told Yun Hyun-il at the press conference: "I said, you are the one who will leave the Taishan." Yoon Hyun-il replied, "Then you should have killed him." Yoon Hyun Sun and Choi Seok-han, all discovered, received a police investigation.

Park Tae – su and Yoon Su – yeon organized the Choi Seok – han office. Then they heard a voice message from Choi. In his message, Choi said, "I thought I was happy to meet you." "I'm sorry, Tae Soo, I'm sorry, Yun, I'll buy you a drink if I meet you again.

A year later, the head of the hospital's Taesan Hospital became Gu-hee-dong. Choi was released from probation and did not contact anyone but was a professional in a small clinic. Park Tae-soo said Choi Seok-han, "The pediatric heart center that the teacher wants to do is starting to work. We do not have enough strength." "Come back and have a pediatric heart center."

After that, AAA emergency patients came to the hospital of Taesan and Choi Seok-han said: "What is the condition of the patient?" Yoon Su-yeon, who saw this, was surprised: "Professor, are you back?" Choi Suk-han, who returned to Taesan safely, was operated on with Park Tae-soo and Yoon Su-yeon.

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