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& # 39; Soul & # 39; will be released when Jisomi finish Enter is low


Jisomi's 22nd is over… Patriotism is mixed

Defense-related actions are declining as the end of the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement (GSOMIA) is approaching two days. On the other hand, artists, who should limit their activities in Japan if their friction with Japan is prolonged, are weak.

According to the Korean Stock Exchange on the 20th, at 2:30 pm, Victech is trading at 3275 won, an increase of 325 won (11.02%) from the previous day. Specco (3.89%), Huneed (3.82%) and Firstek (1.79%) are up.

However, Korea Aerospace and LIG Nex1 fell -0.27% and -1.88% respectively. Hanwha Aerospace fell -2.28%.

Stocks are low. The weakness of entertainment is attributed to the prospect that if the conflict between Korea and Japan persists, the artist's activities in Japan may be restricted.
YG Entertainment (-2.01%), JYP Ent. (-1.7%) and SM (-1.53%) are falling, so stocks classified as patriotic issues are not responding. Monami (0.51%), Hite Jinro Holdings (1.04%) and Divine Trade (-2.43%) are mixed.

Previously, President Moon Jae-in retained his previous position on June 19 that if there were no changes in Japan's position, it would end. Gisomia ends at the end of the 22nd.

President Moon Jae-in was asked if he should break up with Gisomia in a live MBC dialogue in the afternoon of the afternoon of 19. "Gisomia's end is the cause of Japan's cause." I will work with Japan if I can avoid it. "

Jisomia is weighing at the end of the story. There is a possibility of last-minute arbitration and US-Japan coordination in the US, but pessimism prevails for now.

The United States is pushing to restore Jisomia, but the Korean government maintains that it cannot extend Jisomia without Japan's proactive measures to export control measures. It is also costly to talk about extending Chisomia without changing Japan's attitude.

According to research agency Real Meter, CBS commissioned public opinion on the decision to terminate Gisomia and found that 55.4% of respondents should stick to the termination decision instead of 33.2%. It was 22.2 percentage points higher. In the survey conducted on day 6, the answers of & # 39; response termination & # 39; increased by 7.1 percentage points compared with 48.3%.


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