& # 39; I can not rely on anything on Facebook & # 39 ;: the world's reaction to Libra


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Facebook's pound has not yet been officially released, but many experts, politicians and developers are making warnings, memorials and memes.

In the United States, Democratic and Republican party lawmakers have immersed themselves in the Libra debate.

Democrat Sen. Sherard Brown, secretary of the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement: "Facebook is already very large and very powerful. Facebook has leaked user data to the outside world without privacy protection." "We can not authorize Facebook to run a new cryptographic project based on a bank account in Switzerland without a director," he added.

House House Financial Services Committee chairman Maxine Waters Democrat has asked Facebook to temporarily suspend Libra until Congress deepens its understanding of the bill. Waters, along with members of the Senate Finance Committee, Sherard Brown, Mark Warner, Democrats and Patrick McEnley, Republicans, formed a bipartisan meeting to express concern about the Libra bill.

Senator Josh Howl said Yahoo Finance appears to be expanding its monopoly influence on Facebook through the Libra project.

"You need to see exactly what Facebook is offering (through the Libra project), but it's a big concern when you look at a number of previous Facebook actions. I'm concerned about the size of Facebook, anti-competitive behavior and irreparable Violations of privacy. "- Senator Josh Howl

Hao began asking for an investigation into the giant of Facebook's social networking service.

"If you end up charging a fine of a multibillion dollar, Facebook will accept it as a speeding ticket." Facebook should be " aware of the seriousness of the situation ".

"You should clearly name Mark Zuckergra.If it is true that the cover was involved in breaching the consent decree according to the content of the press report, his name should be called in. And more powerful punishments should be considered."

"I can not rely on anything on Facebook."

– Senator Josh Howl

On the other hand, Rep. Darren Soto, co-chair of the US Congressional Locks Chain, said: "Facebook will be a great first step towards a more global and inclusive financial structure,

"We are very encouraged that we can improve access to mobile and digital payments, which will ultimately benefit our society and become the driving force behind economic growth." It is still unclear how the regulation of this new technology will be achieved. for Congress to promote innovation in these virtual currencies, while continuing to work to protect the finances of consumers and investors. "

"The US Congressional Locks Chain Conference is working on a two-pronged effort to increase the potential impact of block-chain technology on the US economy and to spread understanding about the block chain. We applaud the deep coalition philosophy of If your efforts at multilayered monetary coinage succeed (under the assumption that consumer protection and user privacy protection will be achieved), this will lead to the great development of the 21st century economy. "

– Co-chair of the Blocks Chain Conference of the Congress of Darren Soto

Experts climb the ring

CNBC host Jim Kramer, hedge fund manager, was thrilled by the news.

In the CNBC program "Squawk on the Street," he said: "Those who have been deprived of the right to enjoy it will receive Mark Zuckerberg as a savior." Kramer predicts that Libra will be a good solution for marginalized financial areas in the US, where it is difficult to access the right financial services, as well as checking payment locations.

Bank officials and beginner entrepreneurs see the Libra as a success.

Anthony Healy, chief banking officer of the NBA, said: "Facebook is not the number one in the world of payment solutions based on passwords, but Facebook already has a tremendous influence on its existing platforms. ".

"If Libra succeeds, it will play the role of a true legal currency, in addition to the role played by the traditional" corporate currency, "such as the Westfield Dollar or the Quantus Fleet Quarter Flyer Point," he said.

"As with all of PinTech's destructive businesses, it will be a potential threat and give us (coworkers) an opportunity to learn." If some of the potential threats come true, we will learn from them to strengthen our capabilities and respond appropriately. "- Asherant Coin Founder

The CEO of Eric Bullis Shape Shift, called "Grandfather of Cryptography", was excited by the Facebook movement.

"By far, you can see how far the encryption industry is going," he said on Twitter.

"The biggest companies in the world are going into encryption." Duck – Eric Burris Shape Shift CEO

Spencer Chun of BRD Wallett argued that workers in the cryptographic industry should stop "blaming" Lisa.

Jerry Brito, director of the nonprofit research center Coin Center, raised some important questions about the future of Libra.

"To participate in the Libra Investment Token Club, there must be other conditions besides meeting the approximate requirements presented by Facebook. (Huawei of China and Russian Gazprom will probably face it.) But it is not clear what it means to get a majority vote if you join a club. "- Jerry Brito Coin Director of the Center

Baeng, chair of the Cryptographic Exchange Bainance, said in a report from the Binnins Institute that Facebook had the opportunity to "renew the payments industry" and that "global unilateralisation (un-dollarization) the opposite of").

Zhao said in a report, "The Facebook idea, centered on Libra encryption, will have a significant impact on the financial industry and the global economy from a medium- and long-term perspective."

"Through the basket of legal monetary guarantee assets, Lib has become the representative of the world's money making use of the daily use of billions of people and institutions around the world, whether in jail or not." – Jao Chang Feng,


On the other hand, there is a movement in Europe requiring a more accurate review of Libra.

Emmy Bernard Simias, a lawyer for Simmons & Simmons, said: "We see electronic money on Facebook. People in Europe can buy electronic money through bank accounts, credit cards or payment points from existing merchants." "Facebook's e-money needs to be brokered by a specific agency, and customers can only make online payments where they receive the electronic money (for example, there are very few places that do not accept PayPal today)," and "A The only difference between the Pound and the existing electronic currencies is that they are based on a basket of several currencies, not on a single currency, "he said.

"As the Facebook said in its white paper, the Libra project will be even more dramatic for those who have difficulty accessing financial services." – Emily Bernard Altias Attorney

"The launch of Facebook's digital currency needs to be carefully examined by various executive agencies, including information security authorities," said Giovanni Butareli of the European Information Protection Agency.

France's Finance Minister Brunei Le Mére has called on G7 central banks to prepare a report on Facebook's Libra project for a meeting scheduled in July. "There is no doubt that Libe can not or will not be a sovereign currency," Le Mere said, citing possible concerns about the collapse of the euro.

German parliamentarian Marcus Farber also expressed concern about the transnational spread of Facebook. "Giants of technology" Facebook, with more than two billion users, may be "shadow banks," he said. "We should not allow multinational companies like Facebook to introduce and operate virtual currencies in a regulated nirvana," Mr Farber said. He said.

Robin Matz, chief block lawyer and German government adviser, said: "The Libra project was about to be placed in the political opposition in Europe. Tighter regulatory requirements are being sought for the giants of the NHS," he said. surprise that Facebook's ambitious plan to issue its own encrypted money, "he said.

"The laws against money laundering (AML) are largely a risk-based approach," Matz said. "Therefore, Facebook will have to take reasonable steps to mitigate the risks." Mats also suggested a solution that Facebook would not be so sure. "The easiest and obvious way to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies is to follow the strictest standards," he said. "This is not the cheapest way, but it's the easiest way to do business on an international level."

Meanwhile, TransWise, a London-based technology company focused on international remittances and international payments, said Facebook's global influence will help it. The TransferWise CTO, Hashing, said that "large companies with large resources" will help engage with regulators.

Hashingha CTO said on CNBC that "the regulatory authorities' move to stop building an international payment network is significant, but I think we can find a deviation."

Mark Kanni, governor of the Bank of England, the central bank of the United Kingdom, also gave a relatively optimistic view of Libra. Last Tuesday he said, "We are going to build a system that proves our achievements and is subject to the highest standards of regulation."

I just appreciate

On the other hand, the players in the jokes poured that reaction.

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