& # 39; Drug indictment & # 39; Co-founder of Burning Sun … MD & # 39; Anna & # 39; dismissed order



The arrest warrant for Burning Sun club Lee Mun-ho, who was charged with drug distribution and distribution, was issued yesterday (19). He was allegedly fired and finally detained, but police obtained additional evidence in the meantime. Meanwhile, the arrest warrant for the Chinese doctor Anna " He was fired.

Choi Soo-yeon reported.


Burning Sun Lee Moon-ho enters the court.

It is to receive the examination of warrant.

We close our mouths for questions about drug dosage and distribution rates.

[이문호/버닝썬 공동대표 (어제) : (아직도 마약 투약 혐의 전면 부인하세요?) … (버닝썬에서 마약 유통된 거 모르셨습니까?) …]

The court issued a warrant saying, "The facts of the crime are called and there is a fear of destroying the evidence."

The previous arrest warrant was rejected last month.

Police have investigated the incident and found that they obtained additional evidence of drug use.

However, the arrest warrant for China MD Anna, who was in charge of sales of the Burning Sun, was rejected.

The court ruled that "drug charges are accepted, but distribution fees are not included in the crime."

No one ever got drugs from Anna.

Police are examining the reasons for the rejection and are considering reapplying the warrant.


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