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From February, 17 cities and provincial tour, 410 local budgets received

In addition, the Democratic Party's budget for the 17 cities and provinces, which began last February, showed that the budget for local development projects required for each city and highway totaled 130 trillion won. It is pointed out that the passport will seek a conscience-based business in which large-scale national funding is secured to obtain regional opinion before the general elections of April 15 next year.

As a result of the analysis of business proposals submitted by the Democratic Party from 17 cities and highways at the time of consulting the budget policy, the budget of 410 regional projects to be reflected from next year's budget reached 8,546.4 billion won . In addition, the total cost of the project, including the cost of government, local government and the private sector, was 134.349 trillion won. Among them, net central government spending, excluding the burden of local government and private investment, amounted to 92,164 trillion won. A year before the general election, there is concern that the "budget-allocation tour" that the Democratic Party has conducted across the country could hurt national finances.

The budget council was a place where the leadership of the ruling party visited each local government and discussed the budget for the following year by listening to local government officials and local district councilors and explaining the local outsourcing business. Until last year, the government's budget circulated in early September, when it was submitted to the National Assembly. But this year, the Democratic Party started a nationwide tour from Gyeongnam province on February 18, saying, "I will ensure that the requests from each region are fully reflected in the budget process."

Each city and province demanded, on a competitive basis, that the government support the large-scale social capital project (SOC), with hundreds of billions to several trillion won in the budget meeting. Civil affairs were also pushed to pressure government departments to approve preliminary feasibility studies (projects) of each project or to transfer public institutions in the Seoul metropolitan area. Most Democrats did not reject the demands of the city and province. It is pointed out that "we will vote without a commercial feasibility study to win the election".

At the last budget meeting held in Incheon City Hall on the morning of April 17, the city of Incheon asked KRW 1.4238 trillion to support 51 projects, including the Cheongna Railway Line 7 extension project with 782.7 billion won in national expenditure. "I will make every effort to reflect the demands of the city of Incheon as much as possible," Lee said.

The opposition party, including the Liberal Democratic Party of Korea, said: "This will appease local public opinion that has been disturbed by economic hardship, and will try to send an irrational budget to win the next general election."


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