10 years of 10-year foreign aid in Busan for five years: Sports Chosun


K-League 2 The Busan I-Park Brazilian, Hogulo, aims to help foreign players from K-League 2 in 10 goals – 10 in five years.

On day 4, Gwangju FC went 1-for-1 with a 1-on-1 home fix against Gwangju FC on day 4, and help (9 points) and attack points (18 points, 9 goals -9 points)

In 2017, he entered Busan, hoping to win 10 league goals for 10 foreign players in the K-League in five years. The first 10 goals of the K-League 2 -10 foreign player helped to score 13 goals – 10 points with Lucio, who played in Gwangju in 2013, the first year of K-League 2. There are 10 goals – 10 records of help , but the Gyeongnam provincial precinct of 2017 registered the second tenth goal of the K-League.

In K-League 1, only 13 foreign players scored 10 -10 goals. Most recently, Lopez, who is a member of Jeju United in 2015, scored 11 points and 11 assists,

10 goals-10 help is like a symbol of consistency and high performance. It is possible to maintain a high level of performance from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. In the 35th round of Busan, he played a total of 34 games.

I just lost one match but it was due to the accumulation of warnings. It is a record that can not be achieved if it is not based on sincerity. He is the second most-selected player in K-League 2, seven times in MVP and the best-eleven in the competition.

If you score 1 helping goals in the game against Seongnam next weekend, you will be the third player in K-League 2 with 10 goals and 10 assistants, and will be the main character of the foreign player for 5 years.

"I did not raise a point of attack, but I got a point of attack because the team went well." The goal of 10 more goals than the personal record of help is the promotion of the team. "He said.
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