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[정치]President Moon's talk to people tonight … 100 minutes without script

YTN tonight's live conversation with the nation
President Moon participates in dialogue with the people
Não "Don't be involved in panel selection, quiz and progress method"
Questions about diplomacy, security, political reform and controversy


President Moon Jae-in will hold a “ Dialogue with the People & # 39; & # 39; with panels of 300 people for 100 minutes from 8 pm tonight.

The event, which takes place without a roadmap, should provide honest answers to a variety of issues, including employment and welfare policies, political reforms and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The reporter connects. Reporter Kim Do-won!

Today's event is live, but Mr. Moon has held several press conferences, but is this the first time I have been free to ask questions to the general public?


Yes, President Moon Jae-in really opens his first dialogue with the people.

It starts at 8:00 pm, singer Bae Chul-soo is in charge.

Today's 100-minute event will be followed by President Moon's brief remarks, followed by free questions from attendees and President Moon's instant answers.

The Blue House said it was not involved in the selection of participants, the content of the questions and the way the program proceeded.

Several people's opinions are expected to be a unfiltered place of communication.

Moon focused on preparing the dialogue with the public, including clearing the schedule of yesterday and today and organizing the answers to expected questions.


300 people were selected Who are the participants?


The panel was selected by telephone interview from the 16,000 people who signed up for the host homepage in the week of October 10.

A spokesman for Chung Dae-jung, a spokesman for Choong-jung, said: “We have heard that the proportions of regions, genders, and ages are equally reflected to be representative.

The panel is known for including people with stories.

Dokdo Fall helicopters are missing family members, soccer lessons, mothers who lost their children to car accidents, etc.


As there is no script, it is difficult to anticipate any doubt.


Yes, for Moon, you are taking an exam without a test interval.

The Blue House says it is preparing for all sectors because it does not know which sectors will be covered.

As the general public participates, there may be employment and education issues, including jobs, real estate, economic issues such as real estate and SAT tests that have just been completed.

Questions that may be a bit inconvenient, from diplomatic and security issues such as the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, inter-Korean relations and Korea-Japan relations to political reform, prosecution reform or investigation by the former minister of the country, may be possible.

And as it is live, you may get some unexpected questions.

YTN will deliver the full live conversation with the audience from 8pm.

So far, I'm YTN Kim Do-won at the Ministry of Politics.

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