Saturday , October 23 2021

[정치]President Moon "Building Innovation Completely Startup" … Speaking Today in Oslo



Mr Moon Jae – in, who is on a state visit to Finland, attended the summit of start – ups with entrepreneurs from both countries and emphasized the power of innovation led by start – up companies.

Starting today, the second state visit to northern Europe will begin.

In Helsinki, Kim is a reporter.

news reporter

President Mun Jae-in and Ninis retired President of Finland, press the button and the TV screen appears.

The phrase "future city favorable to the environment"

This is a topic to be solved by college students from Korea and Finland who participated in the Hacker Tone Ideas Competition.

President Moon said the winning work could actually be adopted for the Smart City construction project, encouraging students from both countries to share innovative ideas.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 핀란드와 한국 양국 정부는 여러분이 혁신의 운동장에서 맘껏 뛰어놀 수 있도록 최대한 뒷받침할 것입니다.]

In the Innovation Growth Forum, which shares the success story of the two countries, Moon stressed that the two countries will continue to develop through innovation.

The power of innovation that made Finland a commissioned country is also of great importance to us, who have a great economic center.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 한국은 핀란드에서 배우고, 핀란드와 함께 ‘혁신’과 ‘포용’을 이루고자 합니다. 한국이 가진 ‘평화와 공동번영’의 꿈에도 핀란드가 함께해 주시길 바랍니다.]

Finnish President Ninaith Ret. He welcomed Mr. Moon with seven days in two days.

Moon will begin its second tour in Norway, the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

The Norwegian visit was the most successful in approaching the Oslo Forum, an international group of experts.

It is in my interest that a plan for the establishment of a peace regime on the Korean peninsula be launched in the situation where denuclearization talks are stagnating.

President Moon also expressed his expectation for the third US summit by focusing on start-up cooperation in Finland to help increase our innovation.

On the second visit to Norway, the Oslo Initiative should present an image of progress on the Korean peninsula.

In Helsinki, YTN is Kim Do-won.

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