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[정치]Moon's "Minute Consensus" with People Today


Towards the end of the year, Moon Jae-in's “Communication with the People” event will take place tonight.

300 of the 16,000 candidates will ask questions about general government operations. Moon emptied his schedule and concentrated on preparing to communicate with the public since yesterday.

Reporter Kim Young-soo.


President Moon Jae-in confronts people in the live studio today (19).

It is the first national communication event in the second half of President Moon's decision to dialogue with the people.

[문재인 / 대통령 : 사랑하고 존경하는 국민 여러분, 대화하고 소통하는 대통령이 되겠습니다.]

Among the 16,000 candidates, 300 so-called "small Korean" citizens, who well reflect their region, age and gender, were given the opportunity to participate.

When I asked for a variety of opinions, I was asked a brief question and then had a telephone interview.

However, as it continues without a previous script, Moon cannot know what questions people will ask.

In addition to diplomatic and security areas, such as inter-Korean relations and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and Korea-Japan relations involving Japanese export regulations,

You are likely to ask a variety of questions, including jobs, real estate, education, and retirement measures.

I am particularly concerned that President Moon will again express his regret and seek public understanding and empathy for the issues that have resulted in conflict in several places, including the appointment of the former attorney general and the prosecution reform.

Moon also skipped a meeting of seniors and advisers on Monday to focus on preparing for dialogue with the people.

[고민정 / 청와대 대변인 : 국정 현안에 대한 다양한 국민 의견이 여과 없이 국정 최고 책임자에게 전달되고 이에 대한 대통령의 답변을 통해 바람직한 방향을 찾는 국민통합의 장, 진솔한 소통의 장이 될 것으로 기대합니다.]

Dialogue with the people of President Moon, the same age, and broadcaster Bae Chul-soo can be watched live on YTN from 8 pm to 100 minutes tonight.

YTN Youngsoo Kim[]Is.

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