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[정치]Experimental "Trial Trial" … 與 "Incompetent Politics"


On the first holiday of the former attorney general's resignation, the Korean Liberal Party held a large demonstration in the city and passed judgment on the Moon Jae-in regime.

Democrats have criticized incompetence and politics, but are accelerating the bill by holding a prosecution reform meeting today.

This is reporter Joe.


On the first holiday, when the former minister resigned, the voice of the Korean Liberal Party calling for the anti-country changed to Ban Moon-in.

It is a strategy that will lead the government until next year's general election by the regime's judgment.

[황교안 / 자유한국당 대표 : (조국 전 장관이 사퇴했지만) 아무것도 바뀐 게 없죠? 그런데 우리의 투쟁력을 약화하려고 하는 이런 이간계에 우리가 속으면 되겠습니까? 개혁할 것은 검찰이 아니라 문재인 정권입니다.]

In particular, the government and the ruling party have devoted themselves to public opinion, saying it is a bad law for long-term left power in the air areas that are considered the core of prosecution reform.

[나경원 / 자유한국당 원내대표 : 자기편은 있는 죄도 꽁꽁 덮어버리는 ‘은폐청’이 됩니다. 남의 편은 없는 죄도 만드는 ‘공포청’이 됩니다.]

The ruling Democratic Party, along with the ruling Party, criticized him the day after the Korean Party finally held a free-sale demonstration.

The addictive over-the-counter rally shows only incompetence and says that people are annoyed by complicated policies that try to increase their support rate.

The Democrats breathed without an official schedule.

From Gwanghwamun to candlelit vigils for prosecution reform, it seems they worked underwater to create airspace and control the prosecutor's right to adjust the prosecutor's right while looking at the opposite square.

[이해찬 / 더불어민주당 대표 (지난 18일) : 국민의 80%가 고위공직자 수사를 해야 한다고 요구하고 있습니다. 고위공직자들이 일반 서민들보다 훨씬 더 청렴하게, 정직하게 살아야 한다는 문화를 만들어야 나라가 바로 섭니다.]

The Democratic Party plans to hold a third meeting of the Public Prosecution Reform Committee, with President Lee In-young present today (20) to accelerate work.


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