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[인터뷰③] Soomom "I want to be an adult in the thirtieth year of next year": Sports Korea

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[스포츠조선 문지연 기자] I met Lee Sound, who finished the third attraction of JTBC.

She makes her modeling debut and turns to the actor, capturing Chungmuro ​​and Braun at the same time with her mask of unique charm and exceptional acting power. Beginning with The Delicious Life & # 39; in 2010, & # 39; Madame Tundeuk & # 39 ;, Like & # 39 ;, Yes, Family & # 39; He appeared in "Confrontation" and printed his name and face. In addition, SBS & # 39; ghost & # 39; and tvN This life is the first time I pilomograpi accumulated and this year, the movie & # 39; little girl & JTBC & # 39; the third charm in succession, showing a different charm and presence.

Lee Sang-moo expresses his colorful life through Lee Young-jae, who is 20, 27 years and 32 years old through the "third attraction". Twenty-seven years old, clumsy but contagious, and twenty-seven years old, straight as a love, and Lee Young-jae, a thirty-two-year-old girl at the crossroads of wounds and new beginnings. Led. He also got a score for his breathing with his opponent, On Jun-yeong (Seogangjun). The real life love that two people showed gained attention.

I wonder if she looks like Lee Young-jae at a certain age. "It was good to be twenty-seven months old, and I was good at twenty-seven, and when I was twenty-seven, I changed the order of the fighting gods. If you take a picture, concentration will be greater if you catch a god fighter.

I wonder if Jeon Young's jealous jealousy is understandable. "I realized that there was a difference in the position of the masculine woman and she thought there was a difference in the other, although it was not only masculine." Soomom said, "There was a day when I was feeling all day, and it was hard for me if I could not eat rice if I had a physical stomach, and I had to focus on those feelings," he said.

"It's been 10 years and I did not tell it," he said. "I want to do what I do now that I've been doing for 10 years." In fact, all the works are memorable. I do not want to have to go to school because I do not want to go to school, but I do not want to go to school. It was difficult to get to work and the "third attraction" would be memorable. "

"I'm very happy to have been nominated for Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards," she said. "I think I've seen a lot of characters so far, and the first one was the character, but now I think it's going to be different next year. I think I want to be human, because if I do something like that there's also a" third attraction. " that I wanted to be comforted by the writings and would like to console someone. "

Soomom said, "I want to deal with a good story, but it's important that love is important, but it's also important that people learn to talk to my boss while doing" the third attraction. "The cactus is full of water on the stem, but the leaf has become a thorn to protect itself, but when the water is expressed in tears, it is full, but it is not visible from the outside. So thirty-two have put a cactus, and so it is in the picture, in the image, and in a very good story.

"I think the drama and the cinema are realistic, but I think there is some fantasy. I think if they mix well, they would like the viewers to like it and they would like to mix well." I do not know how good it feels to find a good article, but I do not know how much I like it. I was thinking about it, and while I was filming this time, I focused on every word, avoiding it, because the nuance of words and words could be different. "He said.

"I want to make a romance more romantic and more romantic, I think I can have fun, but I would like to talk about better stories, and I want them to love me." Good writing is that everyone is sympathetic, and even if it does not sound loud, the stories that people comfort people in the end. "She said," I am a talented character and I feel like a talented personality, and when I meet a talented person, I feel like a talented person.

How do you feel about the rice cake that greets the thirty? "I do not think it's going to change much, it's the same thing, I think I want to be a little mature, I have a lot of books, I have a lot of experience and I want to do it. I do not remember if I had an idea, I feel that I can not feel young at the time, but I can see now and feel like a gifted child. I think the worries are bigger and when I look back, I did well and I think it's a problem that I can do at that age .

"I do not think it's a New Year plan, but I do not know how many things I can do," he said. I will not give up until then.

On the 17th, the drama of JTBC's The Third Charm & # 39; (Park Eun-kwon, play by Eun Young, directed by Fen Minsoo) ended the 12-year love affair and recorded a 3.1% audience. Junyoung (Seo Gang-jun), who could not answer the question he did not know until he paused with Se-eun (Kim Yun-hye) in the metropolitan area of ​​distribution, I chose the clerk.

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