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[사설] Yoo Seung-Jun's refusal to exempt visa, military service conviction

Lawyer Kim Hyung-soo (middle) and Ryu Jung-sun, lawyers for Yoo Seung-jun, answer the questions in the Seoul High Court Annex in Seoul, May 15, Seoul. News

Singer Yoo Seung-jun (43), who had been barred from entering due to military controversy and visa denial, opened the door in 17 years. Seoul's 10th Administrative Law ordered the condemnation of Yu's revocation of the cancellation of the visa rejection (visa) procedure against the Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles (LA).

Yoo, who acted as a singer in Korea and said, "I will fulfill my duty of defense," left in January 2002, gained US citizenship and was discharged from military service for abandoning Korean nationality. After criticism increased, the Ministry of Justice decided to ban Yu's entry in February 2002 under the Immigration Control Act. Yoo later applied for a visa at the Los Angeles Consulate General in September 2015, but filed a lawsuit if she was not accepted. The first and second hands raised the hands of the Los Angeles Consulate General, but the Supreme Court reversed the judgment. However, many problems await Yu entering Korea after the Foreign Ministry said it would reopen the Supreme Court that day. The Foreign Ministry said: "We will work closely with related ministries, such as the Ministry of Justice and the Military Service."

Of course, the government's denial of joining Yoo Seung-jun is nonetheless emotionless and improvised. It is natural to consider national sentiment in military service, but government actions must be legal and strictly law-based. Even if Yu deliberately avoided military service, even if he could not sanction it for lawlessness, it was reasonable to begin to change it. Government should not confuse moral criticism with law enforcement.

However, just because Yu's visa issuance is not an excuse to avoid military service. More than 40,000 young people have given up their nationality and been exempt from military service for the past 10 years. Several nationalities were misused to avoid military service. In Korea, which implements the national disease system, the justice of military service obligations is as sensitive as admission. This is because it can cause social unrest, causing discomfort between classes. The national petition to ban Yu's entry has received more than 200,000 consents. The government does not hurt young people who have fulfilled their military obligations and shun military service.

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