Saturday , April 17 2021

[방송]& # 39; Nine years of devotion & # 39; Hong Yun-hwa, Kim Min-ki, Lee Soo-joo, Choi Jae-jin,

The representative couple of Gongju, Hong Yoon-hwa and Kim Min-ki, married at the end of nine years of devotion. Congratulations from my colleagues, such as the fecundity of love of two people, exoticism, Choi Ji-jin, Sim Jin-hwa, Chang Young-Ran,

On the 17th, he said, "My fiancé is more nervous than the bride." I posted several pictures with the message "My beautiful Yoonhwa, my loving minji brother.

In the public photo, he revealed his appearance with fiance Kim Min Ki and bride Hong Yun-hwa. Three people are showing happiness with a bright smile.

Yes Jinhwa also congratulated the two writers: "We love you, Yoonhwa, Min-gi, let's be happy, live well, I love you so much." Jang Young-Ran, who visited the wedding ceremony along with Sim Jin-hwa, also said: "Yoon-hwa wedding ceremony is a beautiful, very beautiful she is Hong-Yun-hwa. Congratulations and happy as you are now. I said.

Jongmin entered the marriage ceremony with her husband and her son. He said: "Kim Min-gi, Hong Yun-hwa and the couple, the marriage itself is everywhere."

Lee Won Il announces his photo with Hong Yoon – hwa and congratulates the marriage of two people, saying: "I envy you.

Choi said: "We are happy with our ears, Yomi Yoonhwa and the rest of us." The gaggle toilet seat said "I live happily well" and I conveyed affectionate message.

In the afternoon of this afternoon, Hong Yun-hwa Kim Min-gi, who raised the wedding ceremony at the Riverside Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, The two people who had been applauded in the form of al-Maldong since primitive devotion had loved each other for nine years. This figure is known, and the public is also very interested and loved.

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