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[문화]Suspected of dealing with Michelin guide


120 years of Michelin Guide Restaurant rating
"Michelin consulting fee proposal with Rayeon and Gaon"
Rayeon and Gaon "Muscles and supposedly behind a money deal"


Four years after the publication of the Seoul edition of the Michelin Guide, the gastronomic Bible, the company was in doubt about the back trade.

He was paid for the consulting costs, and the Michelin guide said he was really working hard.

Reporter Kim Hye-eun reports.


Michelin guide published every year, assessing the taste and service of restaurants.

Since 120 years of history, many people use it to choose restaurants.

In Korea, we started in 2017 and selected 31 locations this year.

In the three-star restaurant of only 100 places in the world, the "Layeon" of Shilla Hotel and & # 39; Gaon & # 39; from Gwangjuyo Group were selected for four consecutive years.

He suspected Layeon and Gaon would make a deal with Michelin.

On behalf of the consultancy, he claimed it was valued at tens of millions of dollars a year.

[윤경숙 / 윤가명가 대표 : 비행기 삯, 숙박비 기타 등 1/n 하라고 했습니다. 신라 라연하고 가온하고 윤가명가가 1/n이라고 했습니다.]

He also stated that the Michelin Guide informed the dates and evaluations of the visit in advance.

[윤경숙 / 윤가명가 대표 : 저희한테는 사전에 언제 갈 거라는 것도 얘기해주셨고요.]

Suspicious restaurants and Michelin guides strongly deny the money exchange.

[그웬달 뿔레넥 / 미쉐린가이드 인터내셔널 디렉터 : 누군가 금품을 요구하면서 컨설팅을 제공하겠다고 하면, 그 사람은 미쉐린 직원이 아니라는 방증입니다.]

The Michelin guide said that the person who offered the advice was not an employee, but was not considering a legal response.

Internal investigations alleged that no internal information was leaked.

Michelin emphasizes that different ratings are classified at different stages, but alleged allegations of "selling" are undermining credibility.

YTN is Kim Hye-eun.

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