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[국제]Seismic signal from Mars, first probe capture


Mars was also caught signaling that an earthquake was occurring.

Insight, which was sent to Mars last year, detected this.

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Insight, which landed on Mars last November,

A & # 39; Insight & # 39; installed equipment in the form of a white dome for two years, according to the commercial objective of studying the earthquake and the structure of the crust of Mars.

And after reaching Hwaseong, we felt the vibration we estimated would be earthquake in 24 hours and 37 minutes a day, based on the woman's moon day in 128 days.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages the Insight, estimates that the vibration occurred inside Mars.

However, the vibration signal is so good that we are analyzing the exact cause of the earthquake.

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If confirmed as an earthquake signal, it is the first case to detect earthquakes on other planets beyond Earth and Moon.

It is also direct proof that Mars is still geologically alive.

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