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[경제]Countermeasures against Loss of DLF …


Derivative-Funded Funds, the so-called DLF In order to prevent recurrence of massive losses, the financial sector will begin implementing countermeasures as early as next month.

In the future, banks are thinking of ways to physically separate deposit and deposit windows and back windows.

Let's learn more by connecting reporters. Reporter Kim Tae-min!

There are a lot of intense measures being launched, please tell me more.


Yes, financial authorities have taken steps to prevent the recurrence of the DLF crisis, a foreign-linked derivative fund that has suffered massive capital losses.

We decided to create a new concept for 'high level financial investment products'. with a more than 20% chance of loss of principal and prohibit bank sales of private equity funds.

In addition, the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Oversight Service agreed to take action starting next month, after reflecting industry views over the next two weeks.

First, we plan to expand the financial investment product recall system and meditation system introduced by Woori Bank and KEB Hana Bank.

In addition, banks will be more proactive in protecting investors by incorporating customer returns into key performance indicators and KPIs.

When selling products that are not primarily protected, there is a way to set up a separate sales desk.

There are many cases in which a client with a large balance of funds recommends funds in a window looking for deposit and deposit work.

The intention is to physically separate the two counters to prevent indiscriminate sales.


So how will sales of bank financial products change in the future?


Yes, banks will also change their sales strategies as regulatory measures are implemented for high-risk financial instruments.

We believe we will switch our sales channels to public funds, which are relatively less likely to lose capital and are well equipped with investor protection.

At the end of June, the Financial Services Commission recorded 74.4 trillion won in unsecured derivatives, with risks of more than 20% loss.

As a result, new products with a higher proportion of secure assets should emerge.

But there are also concerns that banks will be less profitable as investors are not satisfied with low yield products amid low interest rates.

YTN Kim Tae-min at the Ministry of Economy[]Is.

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