Softbank Shuto Yukyo Uchinote (24) is on the same level as the “Robbery King of the World”. In the 3rd round, 2 deaths and 1st base, he decided to steal the 47th base this season and managed 11 consecutive games. It was the first time in 46 years since Yutaka Fukumoto (Hankyu) recorded it in 1972 and 1974, and was in line with the Japan-Thailand record. Hawk’s idaten calmly recalled: “I really don’t feel that … I think I was able to get to base.”

I continued without hesitating from where I thought it was “bad”. “I was trying to calm down, but I was impatient,” he jumped into Chen Wayne de Lotte’s restraint in his first game. I ran to second base at a glance and went through touch. “I was incredibly lucky,” he said of the safe decision. This is the 47th season to dispute the top of the league alone. In the league, 50 bases stolen since Orix Itoi and Seibu Kaneko Yu in 2016 were also seen.

The courage to start remains the same. “If you are successful, you are connected to the point. I don’t have much of a picture of failure and I only have a vision of success.” Even before, the result of running with confidence has led to a great record. To a world where I couldn’t even be proud of my comfortable legs. Create a new story.[Daichi Yamamoto]

▼ Shuto steals 11 consecutive games from the Rakuten game on the 16th. He was aligned on the professional baseball theft record for consecutive games set by Fukumoto (Hankyu) in 1972 and 1974. In addition, 21 bases were stolen in 24 games this month. The number of bases stolen monthly was 27 in Fukumoto in August 1972, but 21 bases stolen was the 7th person in history and the 7th in history. How close will Fukumoto’s monthly record for the remaining three games this month be?