You can see several spaces with naked eyes as well as VR! STYLY for Looking Glass Beta Released!


Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. announces the launch of STYLY for Looking Glass β compatible version with auto-stereoscopic display "Looking Glass" on March 29, 2019 (Fri), the creative platform VR "STYLY" I did.

About "STYLY for Looking Glass beta"

With the "STYLY for Looking Glass" beta, you can easily see the VR space created by the artist and the 3D space of your choice in Looking Glass, with no complicated steps.

The main features of "STYLY for Looking Glass Beta"

· Show the recommendations scene introduced in the STYLY Gallery as a slide show

· View each scene with Looking Glass directly from the STYLY Gallery by WEB link.

· Display the selected scene in the Looking Glass by the user interface of the operation on the side of the PC monitor

· Move, rotate, extend / reduce keyboard operation, cut space and display in Looking Glass

· The setting is saved for each scene, so the next time you play with the same setting


How to use "STYLY for Looking Glass Beta"

"STYLY for Looking Glass beta" can be used following the three steps below.

(1) Install STYLY from Steam.

(2) Right-click STYLY in the Steam library[プロパティ]To choose

(3) Open the "beta" tab and select "(experimental) styly-for-looking-glass".

Screen when the application starts (scene not selected)

As the user interface of the operation is displayed on the PC screen, the selected scene in the panel is displayed in the Looking Glass.

Logging in will display my scenes and you can see the scenes you've created.

Screen during scene playback

The operation method is displayed on the PC side.

If you mark the "Slideshow", the Recommend scene will be shown by automatic switching (slide show) every 1 minute.

With "STYLY"

"STYLY" is a creative RV platform that allows creators to create and distribute RV space in the cloud.

Both Mac and Windows are compatible with the general PC specification and all functions can be used for free.

In addition, there is no need to download applications or extensions, and it is possible to collaborate with various creative tools, and it is possible to browse the space that can be delivered immediately and produced almost in real time, making it easier for users to use it.


Looking Glass is a stationary device that displays images on a thick display and allows 3D images to be viewed in three dimensions with the naked eye.

With STYLY, you can easily take advantage of VR space and favorite 3D images with a simple procedure without HMD, supporting Looking Glass.

The field of autostereoscopic exposure, future development is expected a lot.

Source: "STYLY for Looking Glass Edition Beta" Press Release[PR Times]


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