"What do you expect from the sequel to" The Legend of Zelda BotW "? Announcement of Result-Dreams swell into various possibilities, such as Zelda adventure and direct confrontation with humanoid Ganon! (June 20, 2019) – Recent News


The sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" (hereinafter "The Legend of Zelda: BotW") announced by Nintendo as "Nintendo Direct | E3 2019".

Inside, we conducted a research with the reader on the subject "What to expect from Zelda's continuing LegW BotW?" In this article, we will present the opinion received from readers in the same questionnaire, divided into genres, with excerpts!

◆ We expect adventure with Zelda!

As Link and Zelda acted together in the sequel image being developed, many predicted that Zelda would venture along as a follower in the sequel. It is hoped that this will develop the relationship between the two people and the development of the love scene.

In addition, there is a voice that wants the gameplay of Zelda. The dream spreads, such as the increase in puzzle resolution that two people cooperate, local cooperation with two switches and the change of Zelda's own clothes.

■ Readers' Opinions Traveling in Hailar with Princess Zelda! Do you review Atarimae that "link is going to save Zelda"? Zelda and Link are good at deployment that becomes ultimate love and becomes happy end rsrsrs LOL At work so far, it has been finalized by just a good feeling …. We hope the gameplay and the exchange of Zelda equipment are free. Or division of roles in combat with the link (Zelda is a role of recovery and support). A mystery solving trick that makes use of the battle with Zelda and the abilities of two people. Both Link and Princess Zelda can play. And two players can play simultaneously at the same time! (Clear VR support)


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