Visit the tomb of Mr. Koga and former Prime Minister Ohira and wish the realization of the "Koikekai administration"


Visit the tomb of Mr. Koga and another former Prime Minister Ohira and hope that the "Koikekai administration" will take place. Sankei News

On the 12th, Luke Kishida (Hiroikekai) honorary president Seiji Koga visited five members of the House of Representatives and Garden Tama in Fuchu, Tokyo, and visited the tomb of former Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira, who served as Koikekai's president. This day is Mr. Ohira's day, and every year at this time Mr. Koga and young members of Congress visit the grave. Mr. Koga said: "One is the election of the City Council All the teachers of the Hiroikekai community are coming back, the other is that the PLD will increase by one seat compared to the previous one and will occupy the majority alone. . " I asked three greedy people for the Hiroikekai administration (the prime minister from the start) to take effect as soon as possible. Oohira died suddenly in the middle of the same general election in 1975, the first time in history, and Koga was elected for the first time in this election. Koga, who was asked by reporters about the election of the day, said: "At that time, it was an intermediate constituency, and now the environment and the political situation are different. coordination of opposition candidate with LDP ยท Second secretary general request of ground next to Kuniaki even in multiple districts request for ruling party ruling, accelerates preparation for high house election by same day electorate "The president of the LDP-Moriyama Nation The FSA report is "very unfortunate" Litmen admits the difference between the "emperor's men" and the people.


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