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Game maker Valve has announced the details of the kit "Index VR kit" such as VR headset.

It features a dual LCD display and a high frame rate of 120 Hz (with 144 Hz experimental mode).

· In a single item or combination

Valve implemented not only many games, but also the PC gaming platform Steam. It is this VR index kit that allows you to enjoy this content completely.

Headphones, controllers and base stations for tracking are available and will be sold separately or in combination. The pre-order begins on the website beginning May 1, but it is not clear whether it can be ordered in Japan.

· Double LCD

The specifications of the headset are, for example, a dual LCD with a resolution of 1440×1600. This is a sharper image with 50% more sub-pixels than the OLED.

Other manufacturers of VR headsets, such as Rift and Vive, which currently use OLED, are also working for the LCD, and the Rift S to be released in the future is the LCD.

The audio is a type of headphone integrated and also equipped with a microphone. Tracing uses the Steam version 2.0 sensor.

In addition, up to four base stations can be connected in one configuration.

If the price is a single item, the headset is US $ 500 (approx 56,000 yen), the driver US $ 279 (approx 31,000 yen), the base station is US $ 149 (about 17,000 yen ), It is available for dollars (approximately 110,000 yen).


Valve's new VR headset "Index VR kit" begins to accept pre-orders


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