UK and EU withdrawal ends in "remnant residue" Scenario can be considered any standard – PRESIDENT Online


The UK and EU exit ends in "remnant residue" The scenario can be considered any standard PRESIDENT Online

An unexpected result of the referendum Local time on March 29, 2019 At 23:00, the withdrawal of Britain from the EU (Brexit). It is anticipated that the UK will of course have a major influence in the EU, but the starting plan, which Prime Minister Terrisa May met after discussing with the EU, was once rejected with a large gap shortly before the deadline . Even after that, the vagus continues. Why did this happen? Immediately after the EU rejection of the draft agreement was rejected in the UK, Prime Minister Mayo speaks. (AFP = current event = photo) The 16-year referendum, which decided to leave the EU this time, was an unexpected result. There must be few, at least British politicians, who thought they would actually leave, regardless of whether they were left or not. David Cameron, who was serving as prime minister of the conservative government at the time, was reminiscent of the EU, but with the immigration outbreaks of the former Eastern Europe becoming a major political issue within the EU, certain restrictions on freedom of movement have been he was considering an acceptable EU grant. It is therefore pointed out that there are only people who are concerned about the EU by holding a referendum (in the preliminary surveys, residences exceeded withdrawals), and use it as a basis for negotiations with the EU. I would use it. In addition, some Conservative Party politicians are eager to show their presence leading the withdrawal campaign. In fact, with regard to specific system design after exiting, the output group is almost n …


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