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Sakurada Olympics seeking opposition through misleading observations of earthquake disaster

In the National Assembly, on the 24th, the opposition party followed the qualities of the minister on the fact that the minister in charge of the Olympic Games in Sakurada made a statement against the fact of damage to the transport network due to the Great East Japan Earthquake This is a report from the National Diet Press.

Minister Sakurada apologized and withdrew, saying "I would like to apologize for being different from the facts" about your comments.

"It was good yesterday that there was the Great East Japan Earthquake, but it was good because he moved to the Tohoku Expressway and sensationally, but it is reported that if the capital earthquake occurs, the movements of people and goods are prevented. "Are you really making such remarks and such recognition?" (Constitutional Democratic Party Saori Yoshikawa, House of Representatives)

"Because what I mentioned extensively to the national road transport network (a statement that it was moving well) is different from the facts, I would like to withdraw my apology after that" (Yoshitaka Sakurada Olympics Minister)

Sakurada stated that he said: "With the intention that emergency vehicles can now pass on some of the main roads inland after a certain period of time since the outbreak."

On the other hand, the opposition party pointed out that Sakurada "is not close to the affected area," and noted against Prime Minister Abe that he violated the Cabinet's basic policy that "all ministers make recovery ministers." "I would like you to pay close attention to the accuracy of the statement, and work hard for the success of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games next year," emphasizing the idea that he will not resign as Minister Sakurada. .


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