Sunday , October 24 2021

The postponed action RPG & # 39; CODE VEIN & # 39; restart-Recruitment of network test participants started from 10 pm on May 9-Game * Spark


  1. Action RPG "CODE VEIN" which has been postponed restarts-Recruitment of participants of the network test starts from 10 am May 9 Game * Spark
  2. Implementation of "CODE VEIN" network test announced. I experienced a free character call, an early story and a high difficulty dungeon a little earlier.
  3. Experience in the "CODE VEIN" media meeting report. A highly attractive character training job with high action difficulty and numerous game style options
  4. "CODE VEIN" restart. We asked Mr. Hiroshi Yoshimura and Mr. Yuichi Yoda of the development team about the process and changes of the launch delay, and the 4Gamer network test
  5. Developer Interview "CODE VEIN" GAME Watch
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