The "Pokemon GO" and "Detective Pikachu" collaboration event starts tomorrow morning from the early morning of the 8th. Dressing printed items with "Pikachu wearing a detective cap" also appears


A game of location information for smartphones serviced by Niantic and Pokemon on May 6, 2019"Pokemon GO"(Official name is Pokémon GO, iOS / Android) The official blog of movies"Detective Detective Pikachu"To commemorate the launch ofCollaboration eventOMay 8 early morning to May 17thIt was announced to be held.

The image collaboration event (002)

During the event, Pokemon appeared in the movie "Detective Pikachu"Appeared in "Raid Battle"Pokemon that appears in the movieAppears wilder than normalThey say that in addition, if you take an AR photo with "GO Snapshot","Pikachu wearing a detective cap" appears in rare casesAND.

In addition, we understand when we receive PokemonXP doublesIn addition to the content of the movie "Detective Pikachu""Field research"OrClothing itemWill appear.

Please try to challenge the collaboration event without losing this opportunity.


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