The growing threat of China and Russia in the cyber area Strengthening deterrence with Article 5 of the US-Japan Security Treaty – Sankei News


China-Russia Threat Grows in Cyberspace Strengthening Deterrence by Article 5 of the US-Japan Security Treaty Sankei News

Japan and the United States have confirmed that Article 5 of the US-Japan Security Treaty, defining the US duty to defend Japan, also applies to cyber attacks, because deterrence and the coping power against Russia's growing threats and China in the cybernetic area Because it was decided that it was necessary "Malicious cybernetic activity is more a threat to the security and prosperity of Japan and the United States" A joint announcement by Japan and the US Foreign and Defense Ministers on the Committee (2 plus 2) A sense of crisis was shown. Russia and China are increasing their cyber attack capabilities that can neutralize vital infrastructures and conventional weapons in target countries. In the Crimean crisis of 2014, the Russian army successfully introduced the latest cybernetic equipment and neutralized the organized fighting power of the Ukrainian army. He regained the triple power difference and defeated it, demonstrating the importance of cybernetic capability in modern warfare. High-level cyber forces have also been identified in the Chinese military. In response, the government said it had the ability to counter-attack cybersecurity in the "Outline Defense Plan," a new defense development policy formulated late last year. However, it takes time to acquire complete skill. To respond to threats before the eye, it was necessary to clarify the US involvement. An official from the Foreign Ministry said: "With Article 5, cooperation between Japan and the United States has progressed, deterrence has also increased." From now on, if cyber-attack damage occurs under Japan's administration, and the country's existence is threatened, if the 3 requirements of the use of force are met, the SDF will activate the right of self-defense …


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