The enthusiast Pokemon player is a research result with "a specific brain area is developed". Does not affect academic ability – Engadget Japan version


Hundreds of similar characters appear in the Pokemon series. And if you've played hard, you should be able to instantly identify the characters. Researchers believed that their childhood experience may already be developing new areas of the brain.

At the same time, co-author Kalanit Grill-Spector was skeptical on the subject of the study: "I can not be sure that the game I played for a day or two will affect both the brain." "It is clear that some expressions in the brain are clearly learned at the time of the child, as expressions of words, but it was thought that these stimuli can be obtained through long daily experiences from children to adults."

However, Grill-Spector has changed this skepticism for two reasons. First of all, when you look at the screen of the Gameboy version of the Pokemon, you realize that the game is really "(character) unique and gives a consistent visual experience to the child" Secondly Subjects who have played pokemon enthusiastically since time of the year and guys who never played pokemon in all kinds … showing images like faces, animals, cartoons, bodies, words, cars, runners and fMRI pokemon According to the exam, Pokemon player clearly showed a strong response to the image depicting the Pokemon character.

As a result of the data analysis, it was found that all people experienced in Pokemon are activating an area of ​​the brain called the occipital temporal sulcus located behind the ear. Although it is difficult to be understood by laymen, according to Gomez, this is a reaction related to a theory called "bias of eccentricity" in the cognitive bias.

Gomez says, "This discovery shows that our brain can develop specialized brain regions for the recognition of objects we thought. If our ability is limited to the brain itself, it may be limited by the amount of experience you have in your childhood." And as for the question of eager educational families that the game will negatively affect the child's brain, "Most of the Pokemon players we surveyed have a Ph.D. in science, such as Google I'm working for a large company, and there is no evidence that being enthusiastic about Pokemon has any adverse effect on a person's academic ability, etc. "

Currently, live-action versions of Hollywood's "Detective Detective Pikachu" production are available in theaters across the country. Parents and kids can refresh their tired minds if they go to this movie where a large amount of Pokemon appears.

By the way, something similar to this research in 2005, ULCA neuroscientists only react to the photographs of the actress Anniston in the same region of the brain of several people "Jennifer Aniston Neuron" I reported that I discovered In the same way, the neurons of Julia Roberts , Bill Clinton, Hal Berry and Kobe Bryant were also found.


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