Tamaki governor Denny of Okinawa supports support of former member of House of Tomohiro Ishikawa who is candidate for gubernatorial candidate of Hokkaido-Sankei News


Tamaki Governor Dojo of Okinawa is cheering for support of former member of House Tomohiro Ishikawa who is candidate for gubernatorial candidate of Hokkaido Sankei News

A rally by former member of the House of Representatives Tomohiro Ishikawa (45) candidate for governor of Hokkaido is held at a hotel in Sapporo on the night of the 20th, Okinawa governor Tamaki Denny (59). He gave a speech of joy. The five opposition parties of constitutional democracy, national democracy, communism, freedom and citizens recommended Ishikawa. Tamashiro also won the first fight of the opposition party in September last year, raising opposition against the transfer of Henoko Heno at the Futenma Air Station (Ginowan City) and appealed to the opposition party. Tamaki, who left Chitose Airport later than planned, looked at his own election, saying, "Even if you're in a different position, you can move forward with a big goal, even if you're at different parties." "Okinawa and Hokkaido are linked by the food culture, and there is a bond to share. We build trust in the north and south, and we ask Ishikawa for support as a new leader." Mr. Ishikawa defends the "Declaration of Independence of Hokkaido" and insists that "the solution of the problem, such as population decline, will not depend on the country, but will be considered by itself." On the other hand, the mayor of Futaba Suomuki Naomu Maebuki Yubari (38), recommended by the Liberal Democrat Party, Komei, and the new Daichi party also announced their candidacy, and are expected to be a dispute between the government and the new faces of the opposition party. Go to the list of political articles Related Articles The Liberal Democratic Party, mayor of Yubari recommended the election of Hokkaido governor Tomohiro Ishikawa to formally contest the governor of Hokkaido Hokkaido Tomohiro Ishikawa, voter candidate of the governor of Hokkaido, Election of the governor of Hokkaido , corresponds to President Yoshikawa Examination of the accreditation of Mr. Hashimoto Seiko


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