System repair with conversion "Will end before the opening day 7" Secretary General Shosha "work until on consecutive holidays" – Sankei News


System repair with conversion "It will end on the opening day of the 7th day of the open agency day" Cabinet secretary "works even during consecutive holidays" Sankei News

At the press conference on the morning of day 1, chief of staff Yoshihiro Suga on improving each city's system related to the conversion, "progressed on the principle that it will be completed by the opening day of office. "We will continue to work on the repair work during consecutive holidays." Mr. Liu said, "If there is a problem in the repair work, we will promptly report it to the Cabinet Secretariat. As for private sector systems, he explained: "The ministry reported and published the information and called for measures for a smooth transition." "We have not received any reports that the system has been affected so far." Go to the list of political articles Related articles United States and massive expansion of infrastructure investments targeting "220 trillion yen" Emperor's words The Majesty's reign The government decides the cabinet meeting before "the morning after the morning glory" Consistency with Japan's Tradition and Constitution "Let's be able to blossom a flower of hope," Summary of the Press Conference of Secretary-General Yasuhiko


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