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Suzuki Yuki, "Buddy" graduated from Hana-no-Sato, second generation girls "it's fun to see the next" | ORICON NEWS

A small restaurant "Hananonohana" with actress "Azuki Season 17" (every Wednesday after 9am) Episode 19 "Drifting Shonen ~ Determination of Yukiko Tsukimoto", a popular drama broadcast by the Asahi System by the actress Suzuki Yuki on the day 13 It is decided to graduate the second generation of the "Sato". It's been 13 years since he first appeared in the series as Yukiko Tsukimoto in 2006. On Sachiko's new journey, he talked about his current condition and his appreciation for Yutaka Mizutani.

Sachiko first appeared in episode 19 of "season 4", "The Woman Who Does not Follow" (March 2006). Sachiko had been a tribute to gangsters after her husband died, but he knew she was the one who led her husband to death, and used revenge with a gun. While attempting to flee abroad, he was arrested for being neglected by a special order officer who met by chance. After that, she reappeared in episode 11 "The Woman Who Is Tied" from "Season 6" and Episode 12 "The Woman Aimed" (January 2008). At this point, he was likely to be killed because of the result of being involved in a prisoner's jailbreak plan, and he was rescued by a service officer.

In addition, in the 12th episode of "Season 10," "Woman Who Is Too Busy" (January 12), it is misunderstood that he may have been fortunate because he continued to get lucky. After a few twists and turns, she was singled out as the second female general generation of the small restaurant "Hana no Sato" at the recommendation of Ukyo. Since then, the store has been populated and had a unique presence in the "Buddy" World.

Sachiko who approached the boy who was caught in a fraud and murder case in episode 19 of "Season 17," aired on the 13th, "As I was helped by a special agent, I am now helping children. I thought I wanted to be, and decided to start walking on a new path with my own feet, saying, "I want to study and get qualifications appropriately from now on and get a job to really support the kids next to me." With a desire for a panacea, I shook hands with Ukyo.

Suzuki says that "Shikoko is a person who understands better than anyone else." "Shokoko will say something like that." "Shokoko will think so." For the character Yukiko, I wonder if I should say that Suzuki Yuki seems to be in a close relationship … ", telling the attachment to the character," Koiko continues to live in the world of "friends", I think it is growing, so I look forward to seeing you next time, and Yukiko lives her life right … I think it's a great thing, "she congratulated her on the challenge.

In addition, as Sachiko, who gives full trust to Ukyo, he confesses that Mizutani has respect and longing for it. "In the last scene of" Hana no Sato ", I thought that it would not have been possible without Mr. Mizutani's piece.Mr. Mizutani did the play so that my emotions would move.Mr. Mizutani is an eternal teacher for me , or is the existence of admiration. "

From now on, there will be no Sachiko figure in "Hana no Sato", and even if there is a time when it is not drawn on Sachiko, it does not mean that Sachiko will not disappear from the "Aibo" world.

"There may be an episode like" Let's ask Yukiko if it's about kids! "One day, as long as" Buddy "continues, Yukiko lives in the world of" Buddy. "I think I will continue to grow again, so I'm looking forward to seeing it next time. "Buddy," Yukiko will live her life properly … I think it's great. "

Finally, when I asked for a message from my friend's fan: "I think this time I surprised you, but life is only one time … A woman takes a step on a new path for herself I think it was a great script that makes me think so, but I do not know what kind of work Yukiko will lead in the future, but she's still alive in the world of "Buddy" from now on So I'm happy if I continue to support him, and I hope that you wait until I can see you again, while Yukiko is willing to work hard, have qualifications, and this is definitely growing! "I was talking ahead.

Next time, on the 20th, the two-hour final special "From New World" was broadcast from 8:00 a.m.

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