Some of the main videos of the "Avengers / End Game" leaked on the net, the official advises attention spoiler -GIGAZINE



The fourth and last of the series "Avengers", released on April 26, 2019.Avengers / End of the GameIt is reported that a portion of the main video of "" leaked onto the Internet. In response to this situation, directors and film production companies are officially urged to pay attention to spoilers.

Spoiler free: Leaked footage of Massive & Avengers: Endgame & # 39; reaches Twitter, Reddit

The spoiler movie takes about 5 minutes, and is considered not to be the material itself, but have been voyeurized in some sort of preview. The Avengers / End Game will be released April 26, 2019 in Japan and April 24, 2019 in Korea, China, Australia and Europe. Fans around the world are eager to get to know the content of the "Avengers / End Game" series, but the content is completely hidden, and movie screenings and preliminary projections for reportage are also performed. I could not do that. Therefore, it is believed that the informant is involved in the shooting and exit of this voyeur film.

Reddit, a website for foreign online newsletters, has a "/ r / Marvel" forum to discuss Marvel-related topics with posted posts on the Internet and links to the movie itself already shared on the Internet. It turned into a momentary halt.

Director Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have released a Twitter statement with the hashtag "#DontSpoilTheEndgame." In addition, Marvell Studio, a company that produces the same statement,TweetI made.

Although movie tickets have already been released around the world, according to CNBC reports, "Aquaman," "Star Wars / Last Jedi," "Avengers, Infinity War," "Captain" in the first week of release . It was booked twice as much as the total sales of advance tickets to Marvell. Website for early ticket sales "for the first time in so much popularityAtom TicketEven if the system crashedIt is reported.

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