Saitama prefectural election Attention / south district 17 district turn of no wind, turn into a single blow-Sankei News


Prefectural Election of Saitama District / South 17 districts In no wind, turn, horse Sankei News

From "no wind" to "a hard battle zone". The incumbent, who had announced ill will, made a sudden decision and decided to be a knight, and South wing 17 (number 1 fixed) became a current attacker. Both sides look like total war. "It was said that there was no wind, but we can appeal to politics (in the election campaign). We want you to work to deliver your voice firmly to the provincial government." March 29, Shiki Station in front of Tobu Tojo Line Advanced Post. As a member of the PDL elected by the local government and Mayor Shiki rush in, Yoshinori Kono, a new member of the former Shiki City Council who defies the city hall elections for the first time, emphasized the results of the municipal administration including improved administration educational. At the same time he developed a criticism with the incumbent Masato Suzuki in mind. "The historical operator has been active for many years, but what has changed. There is really nothing. There is no development of Shiki city without municipal, prefecture and national administration." This may come as a surprise to Kono's camp. Electoral war. However, the LDP recommendation was attached and "we fully utilize the organization, and only the list of directories was secretly" (selection versus executive) and tighten the organization. Originally Kono supported Suzuki in the last prefectural assembly election, and when news of the final decision that decided 4 elections enter, it is parliament that Sanjo sansok by Suzuki afterwards. However, he leaked into the surrounding area, saying: "I understood the origin" about Suzuki, who became the opponent of the confrontation four years later. The task is advertising. Against Suzuki, who defies his fifth term, Kono complains that "the difference between clouds and mud. This is a difficult election," and calls for more support. On the other hand, the Suzuki camp, which decided to run for about a week before the notification, decided to run for a while.


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