Saturday , October 23 2021

Ryota Fujii (16), wins the Qualifying First Round Qualifier with brilliant Spared Pieces (Hatsufumi Matsumoto) -Yahoo! News-Yahoo!


  1. Ryota Fujii (16), ahead of the Qualifying First Round Qualifying with the splendid Abandoned Pieces (Hatsufumi Matsumoto) -Yahoo!
  2. 社会 聡 段 へ 次 次 次 次 -S oci oci oci
  3. Fujii 7dan, Sakai Seisen 1st Round Qualifier Final! Ray "double header" / Shogi Sankei Sports
  4. Fujii Shichidan advance to the finals in a row with a win
  5. Fujii Shichidan wins the first round of the first qualifying round of the 91st Hulic Cup Sacred War Sankei News
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