Thursday , October 21 2021

Ritsumei admits that differences of "Emperor Den" of the people are highlighted – Sankei News

Ritsuminshi admits the difference with the accepted people "emperor woman" Sankei News

The Democratic Party of Japan met "an array of issues to ensure the stable inheritance of the throne" on the 11th. It expanded the Imperial succession qualification to "Women and Women of the Royal Family" and introduced the idea of ​​changing the line inheritance tradition over 126 generations. He also emphasized the need to create a "female Miyake". On the other hand, the National Democratic Party's "Throne Examination Committee" presented to Yuichiro Tamaki a summary of the revised draft law on the empire of the imperial court, focusing on maintaining the same day men's line. The difference between the empires of the two parties was highlighted. The Constitutional Democratic Party's "arrangement of issues" has pointed out that there is much room for surrender to the casual male inheritance. He further stated that "the values ​​that recognize the fundamental equality between men and women of men and women in the present age are not transient," and so forth, and called for the female emperor to be tolerated. Regarding the succession of the throne, regardless of gender, "the system of firstborn priority is desirable." There is a clear refusal to return the former royal family to the imperial family as a means of maintaining the male lineage. "The common ancestor with the Emperor is now a distant line dating back some 600 years. It is difficult to get people's natural understanding and support, and love based on it." In addition, in order to prevent the decline of royalties, the royal families of the women asked for the establishment of a royal family of women who left the royal family and remained in the royal family and acted as royal family after the marriage. On the other hand, the National Democratic Party does not recognize the female emperor as "premature", and the proposal of revision is to maintain the male line. However, the inheritance of the throne of "male emperor of the male family," which had eight teenagers in the past, is accepted. Among the brothers, he gave priority to the boys. Not imperial …

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