Sunday , October 24 2021

Rising "Hide Korea", Such Risks to Hardliner-Toyo Keizai from Korea Online

Rising & # 39; Hide Korea & # 39 ;, So much risk against Korea's hard line theory

In May 2018, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who met at the official residence of the Korean president (left), who came to Japan in Japan (Photo: Newsletter) The air of disgusting Korea and anti-Korean is intensifying in the Japan. A series of actions on the Korean side, such as the unilateral rejection of the comfort women's agreement and the decision of the Korean Supreme Court, which awards compensation to Japanese companies for the former contractor, created diplomatic assets that the Japanese and Korean governments over the years. It's breaking unilaterally. However, the air on the Japanese side came here and suddenly changed. Dissatisfaction with Korea vomiting within the PLD The reaction of Japanese society up to last year was "strongly what Korea is doing," accompanied by surprise: "How will Korea do from now on?" With the exception of a few means of communication, Korea's criticism is not as strong, and as before, there were no "disgusting Korean books" that would overburden the façade of a bookstore. However, the other day, when Defense Minister Iwaya met with South Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyung-do, he greeted with a smile, the PDL section etc. In addition to criticisms like "Do not go wrong", there was a strong argument that "I should resign". It seems that the dissatisfaction with Korea, which had hitherto bent, began to crack. President Roh visits Japan to participate in the 20 countries and the regional summits (G20 Summit) to be held in Osaka at the end of June, but at the time, on the Japan-Korea summit, which should normally be scheduled, "You should do" …

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