"Professional league season 8 final" Day 2 opens Do not miss the semifinals of the Nara Association vs. FaZe Clan! a


"Rainbow Sixth Siege" Pro League Season 8 Deciding World Pro League Season 8 Finals Day 2 is scheduled to begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday, November 18, 2018. The Nippon Team Nara Association, with the enemy FaZe Clan I challenge the semi-final match.

The tournament is a worldwide competition that will determine the season 8 world championship with the two best professional league teams played in Europe, Latin America, North America, APAC region. At Famitsu, we are delivering a tourney observation guide. I want you to look through it.

● 【Rainbow Six Siege】 World Championship "Professional League Season 8 Final" eiNs ShiN comments on the characteristics of each team, including watching the Union farewell guide

The Japanese team Team Federation won 2-1 on November 17 (Saturday) Rogue. A confrontation with the local Brazilian team FaZe Clan will be held in the semifinals that will take place today. If you win here, you decide to advance to the final game. Let's hope for the Nara Association!

■ Outline of the event
Date and time of opening: November 17 to 18, 2018 (local time) / (Japan time)
Location: United States · California
Format: Single Elimination / BO 3
Total cash prize: US $ 275,000 (about 30.8 million yen)
Delivery page: Twitch (English), Youtube (Japanese)
Comment: Pretending is also true
Comment: Okayama, special guest

■ Time
【Sunday, November 18 (Sunday)】
24: 30 Semifinals First game of the Nara Association vs. FaZe Clan
27: 00 Semifinal 2o Play Fnatic vs G2 Esports
Finals 30: 00

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