Prime Minister, G20 Summit "wants to produce results in the spirit of harmony" – Sankei News


Prime Minister, G20 Summit "wants to produce results in a spirit of harmony" Sankei News

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Yuka Iwatsuki and other members of the civil society group "Civil 20" (C 20) in 20 countries and regions (G 20) on the 18th, and made a proposal for the G20 summit held in Osaka in June Received The Prime Minister said: "There is a point where global disparities are taking place, and I would like to have the result that we can cooperate in ODS (sustainable development goals) in the spirit of harmony that can be achieved only in Japan. " The proposal calls for the implementation of policies on global issues such as education, environment and energy, infrastructure, trade and investment, and digital economy. Related Articles Apologetic remarks Korean speaker's intention to send special envoys to Japan G20 Japan-Korea summit talks "No decision has been taken" "Abstinence Secretary" Secretary-General of Japan, Japan's First President Harmonization call for recovery of growth Mr Aso, increase in consumption tax "12 tax measures" Why pay attention to the current account balance? Meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers / Central Bank Governors


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