Prime Minister discusses North Korean issue on US-Europe visit to US-Japan in 22 and 29 days – Sankei News


US PM to visit North Korea in talks between Japan and US on US visits to Europe from 22 to 29 of Sankei News

At a press briefing on the morning of the 19th, Cabinet Secretary-General Yoshihiro Suhei announced that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would visit western countries on a 22-29 day schedule. In the United States, Trump said he would meet with President Trump saying, "Let's exchange views on various issues, including North Korea, and strengthen the ties of the Japan-US alliance." The visit to the United States will be held from 26 to 27, and the US is expected to cooperate again in resolving the Japanese kidnapping issue, as well as pursuing North Korean policy based on the US-North Korea summit, where the denuclearization negotiations virtually failed. Trade talks between Japan and the US should also be on the agenda. After that, I'm going to visit Canada. The prime minister will visit France, Italy and Belgium before the US visit. Slovakia, the presidency of the four Visegrad (V4) countries, which consists of four eastern European countries, also visits Japan for the first time. In his visit to Europe and the United States, Tatsumi "confirms close cooperation with the seven developed countries (G7) and the success of the Summit of 20 countries and regions (G20) (held in Osaka in June) "I said. Go to political articles Related articles US President for the first visit to Japan after the appointment of the new emperor Secretary General of the Confederate Cabinet "Symbolism of the Japan-US Alliance" Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs Japan-Russia in Moscow on May 10 Second walking is the ambassador of the Chinese ambassador "I had a difficult time", I apologize I am sorry North New Weapons Secretary "total effort to gather information" Cyber ​​measures for important infrastructure, the government plans to revise the guidelines


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