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Prime Minister Abe Appeals to Young People Do you often think about "summing up" you write well on colored paper? Sponichi Annex Sponichi Annex

On the 1st, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press conference in a public residence and announced the first consultation on the decision of the 248th era, "Reiwa" At the time of the publication of "Heisei", the neck consultation conversation is read only by the Chief Secretary of the Cabinet. The intention of Prime Minister Abe was emphasized, and the interview was brought to light with "Abeiro", which aimed to appeal to young people, such as "A Flower in the World" and "Nico Nico Video." Prime Minister Abe explained, "Every Japanese can wait for tomorrow, and every flower can bloom a lot." There was a hit song called "A Single Flower in the World" in Heisei, but for young people who will continue into the next age, we want to create Japan full of hope with people from all over the country, "and the success of the 2003 SMAP I mentioned the song. It is also used for the entrance march of the 91st High School Selected Baseball Tournament, and seems to have attracted a (Akira 54), the law of the Genso was established, and this time it is led by the Cabinet for the second time after "Heisei." There was a view that the opinions and values ​​of the cabinet and the prime minister "Prime Minister Abe said in an interview that" Heisei was a time of reform. He also said: "A culture of ideas unique to young people such as" Niko Nico Douga. "It is considered that the Abe administration has a high approval rate for young people between 10 and 20 years, and young people …


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