President of China calls for political normalization of the Korean-Sputnik peninsula of Japan


President of China calls for political normalization of the Korean peninsula of Japan's Sputnik

Sputnik Japan China to help North Korea with security concerns == US President Lao said: "We have just finished a fruitful conversation with Mr. Kim Jong-un of North Korea.Change future bilateral relations, We have reached a number of important agreements, "he said. China's Foreign Ministry announced this statement on the 21st. He said: "We agree that the political normalization of the situation of the Korean Peninsula is a universal solution that addresses the concerns of all parties." He stressed the need to adhere to the principles of peaceful dialogue, in order to This visit to North Korea by President Lao is held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and will continue until the 21st. Does the Chinese President's visit to North Korea affect the situation on the Korean peninsula? President of China arrives in North Korea, China's first visit to China in 14 years


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