Pre-play "Nintendo Labo: Kit VR" where you can enjoy games and draw in VR space. The possibility of gameplay is expanded, the 4th edition of Toy-Con


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Nintendo plans to release it on April 12, 2019"Nintendo Labo: VR Kit"(Hereinafter "VR Kit"), the VR gaming experience can be made with "Nintendo Labo"The fourth series "Toy-Con"IS.
Since I had the opportunity to try out such a "VR Kit" before the release, I was able to see the recorded game content that I really understood by playing it and "VR Kit" as "Toy-Con VR" where VR games can be easily created. Let's talk about the fun of

Nintendo Lab installed with the Nintendo Switch on the dedicated "Toy-Con" controller made by me: VR app "VR Kit" (VIR Kit)
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"Nintendo Labo" series filled with fun to create, fun to play and joy to understand how it works
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The theme of the fourth Toy-Con series is "VR"

The fun was added to the new game

The theme of this time of "Nintendo Labo" isVR (virtual reality)IS. First of"KIT OF VARIETY"(Kit of varieties),"ROBOT KIT"(Robot Kit),"DRIVE KIT"(Drive kit) and "new game" with various ideas so far were offered, but received the impression "I finally got here!"

The ZERO rating of the kit itself is A (for all ages), but the target age of VR mode is 7 years or more. When playing with children 6 years old or younger, turn off VR mode and have fun. For more details, please check the Nintendo Switch support page at the following link.

In this previous experience, it was not possible to produce Toy-Con, but of course it is the concept of "Nintendo Labo""Create, play, understand"How is it. With a special cardboard kit and an easy-to-understand guide, the pleasure of fully enjoying the do-it-yourself process is alive and well.
There are 6 types of Toy-Cons that can be created with the "VR Kit". Each has its own characteristics, so let's introduce it along with the impressions we actually play.

Toy-Con that can be created with "Nintendo Labo: VR Kit". This time I was able to try 6 types of Toy-Con including virtual reality glasses
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"Virtual reality glasses", which become "the basics of the game" of the VR Kit

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At first we will introduce of "virtual reality glasses" which becomes basic Toy-Con. By combining it with the Nintendo Switch, the game's screen turns into a 360 degree VR world! It is a tool that becomes the "basic game" of the "VR Kit", which demonstrates its power by combining it with the other five types of Toy-Con.
Unlike other monitors and contents mounted on the head of RV, they are not always used, but they are reproduced in the face only during the game. Therefore, it can be easily used by children and adults and can be enjoyed casually while wearing glasses. It was also very easy to use because it was not a cover type and there was no feeling of pressure.

"Bazooka" where you can play a two-player game full of humor

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"Bazooka" is one of Toy-Con's easy to understand and probably popular among children. There are two ways to enjoy games using bazooka.
The first is a single-player shooting action, defeating enemy characters one after another and finally capturing the boss. In addition to normal shooting, the Bazooka has three ways to shoot: a homing in which a bullet flies toward the enemy, an hour to stop time and a single shot at the time limit.

There is a visor on the left side of the bazooka, and if you lower it, there will be a function called "…"!
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The stage moves automatically, so you can focus on shooting. At first I was confused because I did not understand how to pull the footprint well, but I could understand the tips if I joked a little, and I could feel the joy of defeating the enemy over and over.
Toy-Con made of cardboard has a cool design in the game, and it's also very interesting to create a perfect connection, from real to virtual. This feeling of being able to delve into the game world is a unique advantage for RV.

The second is "Kabazuka". It is a two-player game of humorous rules, in which it is better to toss the fruit to the hippopotamus and attract more hippopotamus in its position. As a bazooka is used in order instead of a simultaneous match, two players can play with one set.

Usually on stage (to the left of the image), look around the top and bottom and left and right and shoot the enemies that move across the stage. "Kabazuka" (pictured right) throws fruit on the hippopotamus and invites him to his position
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Can not you stop when you start filming? Full of playful "camera"

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The next thing I tried was the "camera." It is something that likes to photograph in various situations expressed in the space of the RV, but does not end with mere filming. For example, in the case of shooting in the sea, a mission of "Let's shoot in a manbow" is prepared.
A challenge ends immediately with up to 3 cards, but if you try this, it's surprisingly addictive. I can not shoot very well, "I'm doing it one more time" Or I can not get the best shot because of an unexpected shutter chance, it's quite deep. In addition to the underwater, there are islands and buildings in the water, making the on-camera search more fun.
Other than that, with "Ouchi Camera", there are things like filming while looking at the appearance of beautiful characters living in the house, and the Toy-Con camera alone is enough to give a sense of fun.

Enjoying underwater photography just looking around. The production of sound and light was also wonderful, and it seemed that the water pressure and the waves were felt (photo on the left). On the house camera, notice the strange thing and point to the chance of shutter (the right picture)
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Get the idea! "Elephant" where you can enjoy 3D drawing and puzzles

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The third thing I experienced was the elephant. When it was first announced, "Tonight, how's this to play?" I was worried about Toy-Con, but how long the elephant's long nose is "writing instrument". This was a drawing tool.
You can freely draw images using the prepared drawing materials in the VR space, but this is not just a flat image. The drawn line becomes a 3D line with depth, and you can hold it and move it freely. It is difficult to compare, but a handwritten 3D printer can be easy to understand. If you use it well, you will be able to create multiple objects in the VR space.

The left of the photo is selecting paint colors in front of the eyes, the right side of the photo is stretching a long nose and drawing in a space
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In addition, it is a form of Toy-Con, but it is said that he was not aware of the elephant from the beginning. The part corresponding to the face of the elephant is formed by multiple retroreflective blades, and the Joy-Con IR marker connected to the nose reads the distance from the leaf and allows "3D drawing", The shape of this leaf resembles an elephant, and it is said that it became the current name and design from there.

The secret of such a project was the technology that made it possible to draw 3D
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3D drawing alone is ugly enough, but does not end with it alone. There are two games, "Opaki-quiz", in which you draw an image according to your theme and ask a friend, and "Tsumi-ki puzzle" that makes full use of 3D elements.

In the Tsumiki Puzzle, each stage is equipped with a top rolling ball or a slide board, and the player moves the board to guide the ball to a designated position. The power to think about how to move the board is tested and becomes enraged. There are 100 stages on stage so I would like you to cooperate with your parents and friends and have a challenge.

The photo left is an example of drawing mode work. Many effects like glitter and heart are prepared and do not get tired of drawing. "Tsumiki Puzzle" (pictured right) can also create your own original stage
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"Wind" to create a more realistic experience in RV space

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"Wind" is, as the name suggests, Toy-Con that can produce a wind. A pedal placed on one foot on the floor to move the fan to generate a wind, but when you actually see the real thing, you will be amazed at the size.

When you step on the "wind" Toy-Con, the wind actually blows around the fan's face. Mechanism simple but very well thought out
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What you can play with "Wind" Toy-Con is an exciting action game where you become a habit and you can jump high, avoiding the ball. When I enter the Toy-Con wind, it flies to the sky and to the sky. And when I jump, I feel the wind on my face. The immersive feeling of RV alone can provide a sense of realism, but the physical wind has exploded, making the experience more realistic.

Jump on time, let's jump up and down
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Slide through the sky and become a bird! Refreshing "tri"

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"Tori" is Toy-Con, which has attractive gameplay and cute appearance. By grabbing the two ends of the Toy-Con, the wing parts move up and down and at the same time it is possible to fly elegantly in the sky, flying on the virtual reality screen.
The dream of the human race to fly in the sky has been fulfilled in several games, but the immersive feeling in RV is exceptional. And the experience of flying in the sky with my own Toy-Con doubles the joy again.

The design also makes it possible to feel the beauty of the bird. If you make Joy-Con in the part corresponding to the Neon Yellow beak, it may be more like a bird
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In addition, the sense of realism often increases and dozens of times combining the "wind" Toy-Con. When I stepped in the "wind" Toy-Con, I accelerate and the wind hits my face, but there is a level of comfort that makes it look like "I want to fly forever …".
It was a test for a limited time, so it was just a little experiment, but it makes me think, "Let's do the Toy-Con immediately after its launch, so you can fly to the sky when you're stressed."

Fly in the sky while looking at the island and the sea below. If you change the eggs around the island, you will fly along as a friend.
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Toy-Con's familiar mode also evolves into VR.

"Toy-Con Garage VR" where the production of virtual reality games is fun

Having experienced a lot of experience so far, I completely forgot one of the biggest features of Nintendo Labo. This is the "Toy-Con Garage VR", which can be described as the "final mystery".
It's an element of Nintendo Labo's "understanding" of "doing, playing, understanding", and personally I think it's a waste not to play it.

Select and associate Joy-Con buttons and operations. As there are many objects that can be put on the stage, besides the characters, the variety of games that can be created will also be wide.
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"Toy-Con Garage VR" is a creation tool that you can organize your own sample game or create your own RV game. It's a VR version of Toy-Con Garage, which has been included in the previous kits, and is a visual programming style screen, and it's easy to connect games like buttons, movements and objects from Toy-Con. Can be created.
The "VR-KIT" contains 64 sample games in addition to the above-mentioned games, and all games are created with "Toy-Con Garage VR". The content program can be referenced and reworked, so even beginners and "Toy-Con Garage" kids can easily work on it.

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There are 64 mini virtual reality games available and you can enjoy them just by playing
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It looks like this when you look at the contents of the sample game with "Toy-Con Garage VR". It's tricky content, but if you refer to it, it looks like you can create a game that is fairly built in
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I've been enjoying "Toy-Con Garage" until the third "Toy-Con Garage", but I noticed that the "Toy-Con Garage" menu has been significantly improved with the "VR Kit". The simple operation of the connection commands remains the same, but it has more elements, such as configurations and selectable commands, making game creation easier.
It is an image that seems to be very difficult to make an RV game, but felt that there was a device that could be easier than before. Once the characters, etc., that can be used in the game are prepared beforehand, it seems that it is possible to do any game like action, RPG, adventure, etc. depending on the idea.

I felt it was very easy to create because the characters were prepared as materials. Finally it's time for elementary school students to play RV games and play
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In the past, Nintendo Lab's "Toy-Con Garage" was often combined with work, but with the "Toy-Con Garage VR", the game you created can be played immediately using virtual reality glasses. The process of creating and playing a game was further reduced and the production of games became easier. However, the fun of work is not lost, and the freedom to create as many new games as you like is alive and well.
In addition, you can save 8 saved data as before and save up to 64 saved data separately, so you can create a game without embarrassment.

There are two packages of "Nintendo Labo: VR Kit". The VR Kit contains all Toy-Cons and VR Specs, Bazooka and VR Chobitto Edition Kit, which includes the software. If you want other Toy-Cons after buying the "Chobitt Edition", you can also buy
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In the third article of Nintendo Labo, he wrote: "Honesty, how much Nintendo Labo will evolve, and it's terribly empty," but it was really evolving as expected … …! It's scary, but it's more than happy.

It's exciting to imagine what kind of RV games and new games will be created by kids who have purchased the newest and most powerful gaming tool "Nintendo Lab: VR Kit" and users across the country. And I can not wait until the day of inventing an RV game, doing and playing with my son again.


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