Tuesday , October 26 2021

"Postretirement needs 20 million yen," protests Secretary-General Nikai against FSA-TBS News


  1. "Postretirement needs 20 million yen," Secretary-General Nikai protests against FSA TBS News
  2. Require withdrawal of "20 million yen in old age" = PLD general secretary for the FSA newsletter
  3. Secretary-General Nikai protests about the report "20 million yen after retirement" "Livedo and disturbing" livedoor
  4. Second general secretary hanging down (On the protest to the FSA "20 million yen after the necessary old age") (1/2) BLOGS
  5. LDP and Second Floor Secretary-General Sankei News in the Financial Services Agency's report of "Misame and Anxiety Concerns" "Reserved 20 million yen"
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