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No. 235 Fold

Number of the figure in the whole country: No. 235 (Region Jout · Second Generation)
His first appearance:"Pocket Monster in Gold · Silver" (Game Boy 1999)
Ranking:Pokemon Seikake

Explanation of an illustration

"Bleeding of body fluid from tail tipDraw your own brand around the territory. 5000 types of brands were found "

Game data

Different colors:none
Impulse of time:Sometimes cloudy (the boss is more robust, the CP of the individual also captured up)
Weakness:Finance (x1.6)
Resistance:Ghost (x 0.4)
Tribal value:HP 146 · Attack 40 · Defense 83

How to get the dob (February 2019):

There is no record of appearance in nature. It appears on the map for a certain period of time under a very special condition of "reflection on the instantaneous GO".

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· Photographed with GO snapshotConstant probability for the first image.
· After touching the shutter, bottom rightRound when the circular preview icon pulses three times. Usually it is only once.
·If I leave the first, no matter how many photos I take in that session. Quit GO snapshot once and start over.
· In case of "success", ending the GO snapshot shooting mode with the back icon in the upper left corner makes it appear larger in the preview image.
· In case of "success", when you return to the map screen, it will appear near the player.
· What can you capture?Just one day. Reset to 0 hours.

For details

Pokemon GO, "Dove" appeared surprised. How surprised? (Second half spoiler)

New features of Pokemon GO "GO Snapshots", detailed explanation of the developers. AR shoot Pokemon by hand at any time

Anti-dock measures Pokemon:

Name of the number (example of recommended technique)

(Does not appear in the attack boss, basic ability is also low, especially the measures are unnecessary.

Battle Rank of the Dove: ?

Skills you can memorize by copying most techniques. But there is no basic physical strength to use.

Although it can be remembered even with a comet punch with the Pokémon that joined, the power of the dove itself is not so powerful because of its low offensive power. The Pokemon GO battle can not be sealed because of a simple fight and can not cover the low physical strength.

Activities in the gym and raid are difficult at the moment. Every day, it captures and grows and it's a role to show a trick.

Recommended technical composition:

(Because it is not suitable for real warfare, if you like, you can remember almost all the work if the hand Pokemon uses)

Speaking of the dove:

In the main volume series of the Pocket Monster, use "Sketch" to copy the work of the Pokemon opponent and make it your own. In Pokemon GO, it was reproduced in a way to remind the partner who reflected this.

Even Pokemon that is not durable in the main part of Pokemon can be active in a combination of equipment items and features, and Fold could also remember work with special effect and could make a strange walking activity.

In February 2019, Pokemon GO appeared with the GO snapshot function. It is the last addition as a Pokemon of the Jout region. With the advent of the Dobre, finally the Complete Pokemon found in the Joutt region became possible.

Although probability does not need walking, it only appears with instant GO shot, so if you invoke it in a place where Pokemon does not seem extremely, you may be able to prevent interruption of the daily catch bonus or to help task to achieve the ball and catch relationship I do not think so.

The last list of Pokemon GO news

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Pokemon Official Compatibility Table. Roughly speaking, "Batsuton!" It is about 1.6 times, "Ichimitetsu" is about 0.63 times. "No effect" is reduced by about 0.4 times on Pokemon GO, but the damage passes.


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