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Osaka double candidate candidate debate forum Tokyo concept discussion – Sankei News

Discussion forum for Osaka double candidate candidate Forum for discussion of Tokyo concept Sankei News

On April 7, the governor of Osaka and the mayor of the open ballot, Sankei, Asahi and three daily newspapers in Osaka will invite four people who will be candidates on the 18th, Hold a joint debate in the city of Osaka. Two members of the Liberal Democratic Party, who are backed by the Liberal Democratic Party in Osaka, have argued that the idea of ​​the Osaka Metropolitan Plan to abolish the city of Osaka and abolish the plan of the city of Osaka, and argue that "new urban system is "The participants included Mr. Yoshifumi Yoshimura, the mayor of Osaka, who expressed his candidacy to the governor, the mayor of Osaka (43) and the Liberal Democratic Party, a deputy governor who recommended the seat of Kofufu, and Koichi Koichi (64). Governor Matsui Ichiro (55) and the Liberal Democrat Party, a former member of the Osaka city council, recommended by Komefu headquarters, Akira Yanagi (Akira) (45). Mr. Yoshimura said: "Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City have similar authority and have double management, so it has been called" Fu (Fushi) Seto City "and emphasized that city plan must be resolved . Mr. Konishi explained that "Osaka Prefecture promoted the transfer of authority to municipalities to promote decentralization." He criticized the city's plan to abolish the city of Osaka against the flow of decentralization to strengthen the role of the basic municipality. Mr. Matsui raised the re-challenge of the city's plan on the choice to go to the governor's mayoral election, and mentioned the last double election (2015) that won. "We want people's will to live up to our promises at that moment." Mr. Yanagimoto replied that "the mayor should be elected to the mayor, the governor should be elected to the governor and ask again the will of the people." The substitution method "feast …

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