Opposition party submits Aso's mistrust resolution to lower house – Sankei News


Opposition party submits Mr. Aso's motion for non-confidence motion to the House of Representatives Sankei News

On the report of the Finance Council of the Financial Services Agency that opposition parties, such as constitutional democracy and national democracy, required 20 million yen to live in their 20s and 20s, distrustful of Taro Aso and the Minister of Finance I sent a proposal to the House of Representatives. The opposition party also tabled a resolution to Mr. Aso in the upper house. Go to the list of political articles Related Articles Mr. Aso "The opposition was not powerful" Ishigura "Is there a will to take government seriously?" Five opposition parties for the lower house to submit Mr. Aso's draft resolution "I would have received rejection of the Financial Services Agency report." I would like to receive four resolutions from the opposition opposition party, the minister of Aso Finance, and submit a motion for resolution resolution to the opposition party, Minister of Finance Aso.


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