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Opposition, final bad taste, bad demons too No trust in cabinet in delinquent confrontation position-Sankei News

Opposition party, final bad taste, suspicious demons also Cabinet no-confidence confrontational attitude plan is non-production Sankei News

The resolution of Abe Shinzo's cabinet was rejected in the plenary session on the 25th. The five opposition parties, including constitutional democracy and national democracy, were aware of the election of the City Council and were committed to leading the confrontation with the administration to the to present the Abe's no-confidence motion. However, it is difficult to say that I could not get rid of the "slow waist" image until the end of the discussion. The evil of brilliance also gives rise to doubts among the factions. "I can not fail to say that it is the worst constitutional history from the point of view of democracy and constitutionalism," said Yukio Edano, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, in a strong tone in the plenary session of the House of Representatives on the 25th. which deserves mistrust. The speaking time is about 55 minutes. It is a third of the duration of the explanation for the purpose of the non-trust plan that took 2 hours and 43 minutes in the lower house plenary session last July. The Komeito politicians who were prepared for Chocho were sarcastically: "Thank you for arriving early." The opposition party's attitude did not come to an end when PLD Deputy Secretary-General Koichi Akemida testified that "the decision to change management and readiness to lead Japan is not felt" in the controversial debate. It could be said that the presentation of a proposal of no confidence continued to be shaken by the risk of triggering the dissolution of the lower house. At the press conference, the National Democratic Party of Japan, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Representatives Tatsuya Tatsumi, said that the opposition party lost a sense of unity after Cabinet Secretary Chief Yoshihiro Tadao stated that the submission of the suspicion proposal would be the dissolution of the House of Representatives in mid-May. "The opposition party was dismissed and treated as such," he said. The disturbance of the opposition party, which lasted until shortly before the party leader spoke on the 25th, was transmitted to the ruling party. The LDP executive is "National Democrat …

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