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The Wall Street Journal, one of the internationally renowned media outlets, reported on April 16 that Sony has put a policy on its PS4 title to regulate sexual expression with its own code. According to the newspaper, it created a different set of criteria than the ESRB rating reviewer in the US and Canada, and PEGI in the European reviewer. And Sony is concerned that Sony is likely to be targeted for legal and social action by offering titles with sexual content, a Sony representative said. He also said he created guidelines to allow creators to provide balanced content for the PS4 and not hinder youth growth.

This is not the first time Sony has talked about controlling sexual expression. In June of last year, we also covered the roguelike RPG edition "Omega Labyrinth Z" for PS4 / PS Vita in North America and Europe due to a request from the "platform holder". In addition, the PS4 version is significantly in the scene where the character's underwear and skin are exposed compared to the Nintendo Switch version in love ADV "Nora for Princess and Stray Cat Heart HD" for PS4 / Nintendo Switch in November past. It was clear that some modifications were made (IGN Japan). Recently, it is new in memory that only the western version of "Devil May Cry 5" used light correction in some sexual scenes. These moves have led to speculation that Sony regulates sexual expression with its own policy, but this time, it is now known that Sony is doing its own delineation of sexual content. It becomes a form that I have clarified.

It is reported that two social factors are involved as a reason for Sony's own regulation of sexual expression. One is the influence of the #MeToo movement that spreads in the SNS from the United States. This movement is the content that sexual harassment and sexual assaults, etc. use the experience of confession of damage and share the damage experience using the hash tag of the wording of meaning, such as "MeToo (me too)," and sexually. There was a growing feeling that they would not be allowed to suffer.

Therefore, sexual expression in the game is thought to have surfaced, and the fear of being treated as a problem has also increased. Although no written directive on Sony's sexual expression was published at this time, Sony Central Office employees made such a policy in writing, first and foremost, because such a policy was suddenly introduced by the #MeToo movement. They say there are no guidelines. From this statement, it is clear that the #MeToo movement is related to this case.

Another factor is that individuals can stream video gameplay to the world through a video distribution service. The fact that everyone is able to deliver to the world means, for example, gameplay in areas where regulation is slow through video distribution services, even if there are areas where sexual expression is more strictly regulated. One could say that it became possible to watch the image. It is reported that there is a social change behind the fact that Sony has begun to regulate sexual expression with its own policy. Information related to sexual regulation is a sensitive issue for developers and players, so Sony will be forced to make more cautious decisions in the future.

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