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Next macOS should be announced at the World Developer Conference (WWDC 19)macOS 10.15ForAdd Siri shortcut and screen time etc.It is expected that

Siri Shortcut Now Available on Mac

US Media 9 to 5 MacmacOS 10.15According to the information obtained from the person who is familiar with the development of the next generation of MacOS is introduced with iOS12 "Siri ShortcutStands for ".

Just as iOS users need to download the Siri shortcut application from the App Store, macOS 10.15 will download and use the Mac App Store application.

According to the official said, since only the "Marzipan" application is compatible with the Mac version of the Siri shortcut application, developers will use the new software development kit (SDK) announced at WWDC 19. You will be porting the application for Mac.

Marzipan is the name of a project that Apple promotes to run the same application on iOS and MacOS. They say that the same application can be used on the iPad and Mac first.

Screen time function appeared on Mac

In addition to the Siri shortcut, it is expected to be added to MacOS 10.15Screen time"Screen time is also a feature added to iOS12, allowing users to view and manage application usage times and more.

The screen time will work on the Mac as well as the iOS version, and you can set the application's usage time in "System Preferences".

Apple ID management panel added to System Preferences

According to 9to5Mac, Apple adds a new Apple ID management panel to Mac's "System Preferences" to enable settings such as "family sharing" and the like, such as in the "setup" application on iOS.

With MacOS 10.15, the iPad can be used as a sub display on a Mac, and the scope of user authentication that can be run using Apple Watch is said to be expanded.

The MacOS 10.15 will be announced on June 3, local time, on the opening day of WWDC 19, along with the next operating system such as iOS 13. It will be officially released in September or October.

Source: 9to5Mac
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